A smartwatch under $50? If that sounds like a good idea for you, then this list is just what the doctor ordered. Sure, they might not be as great as the newest Apple or Galaxy watch, but some budget smartwatches are definitely worth your time and attention, and we’ve looked left and right to detail the most interesting of the bunch.

Although initially thought of as a fad, smartwatches have become essential for 21st century people. Whether you’re conscious about your health or simply enjoy what some may call FOMO – fear of missing out – this wearable is a must-have.

Considering the limited pricing we’ve just mentioned, it might be quite difficult to find a smartwatch that could be described as good and affordable, especially if you want something cool that shows off decent features and functionalities you’ll get to talk about with your friends.

You may use smartwatches to count steps, calories or simply go through your notifications and keep up with the rest of the world in a modern way. The news gets better if you also enjoy heart rate sensors or take this smart device swimming without breaking a sweat.

How Do They Work?

LETSCOM smart watch

LETSCOM smart watch

Smartwatches are digital wearable devices, designed to be used for fitness and activity monitoring, but also if you plan to receive calls, texts, and email directly on your wrist – via the magic of Bluetooth technology.

Sure, most smartphone-designed operating systems – Android, iOS – will have dedicated apps working hand in hand with your wearable device. Just sync up the smartwatch and your smartphone, and let the fun begin.

Pros and Cons

UMIDIGI Smart watch

UMIDIGI Smart watch

Ok, it might be pretty hard to find disadvantages to using smartwatches, but if you look hard enough, you might find a few. Today though, we will focus on the benefits of using this marvelous piece of technology. Easy to use, comfortable and small in size, this device could even top smartphones and will fit your own needs. Here are the main reasons to get one:

  • Entertainment – feel free to check out your favorite meme or listen to your favorite podcast
  • Nonstop Monitor – A smartwatch will track daily activities, even the ones you won’t be thinking about too much.
  • Battery life – extended battery life will make interesting features improve your life for longer periods of time.
  • Notifications – A new message? An urgent call? Updates? The smartwatch can easily handle that.
  • Laziness Alert – Most smartwatches make sure you get notified every time you don’t move.
  • Productivity – Yes, it saves time to not take your phone out every time a notification comes in. Feel free to ignore unimportant calls and text messages and enjoy life.
  • Fitness – Those of you passionate about keeping healthy and looking ripped will love the fact that smartwatches monitor heart rate, track gym training, and even count steps.
  • Music – anyone else remembers CD players? Thank God for Spotify, and the dedicated apps. I can’t go out jogging without the proper soundtrack; that’s just me. A cool smartwatch will help out with that.
  • NFC – contactless payments mean that you won’t need to have cash or credit cards on hand anymore. Built-in NFC readers scan and deduct your payment, with most manufacturers designing their own NFC-related app for smartwatches.

Things to look at in a Budget Smartwatch

Budget Smartwatches

Letsfit Smart Watch

Consider this. You have $50. That’s all you can pay for a smartwatch. But can you find something that’s really good in that price point? Here are the main things to look at when you’re buying a budget smartwatch:

  • Accuracy – try to verify if the smartwatch you want to buy is accurate and the monitoring data it delivers is consistent.
  • Style – Pre-existing wrist straps may be replaced with something more suitable to your own style or color preference.
  • Comfort – High-quality straps go a long way in ensuring you are comfortable at all times. Make sure your strap is made of lightweight, breathable material.
  • Notifications – Before making a purchase, ensure that your smartwatch delivers premium alert and notification options.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best smartwatches you can buy for under $50.



SKYGRAND delivers top-notch products at under $50, and this budget-friendly smartwatch does not disappoint. Looking all fine and sleek, with round-the-clock monitoring features and plenty of battery life to be enjoyed, this smartwatch will surely make your day.

You get not one, not two, but 14 different sports tracking modes, which make this smartwatch ideal for trainers, athletes, and anyone else passionate about keeping fit and healthy. Rated IP68 waterproof, this smart device will keep you company if you go swimming and remain functional.

Versatile design and handy, it will also allow users to access calls, messages, social media, as well as benefit from a Sedentary Alert. Andoird and iOS users may enjoy it.

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Showing off a round dial and several face options to choose from, the smartwatch you see here appeals to most style-conscious people. Easy to use and comfortable, this watch also packs cool features such as an anti-theft alert system or standalone sim card use capabilities. The team over at Mahipey designed a versatile product, with plenty of interesting apps and features to keep you going.

How about taking remote photos? Both android and iOS phones will enable this feature, but those aforementioned sim capabilities are what really make this watch stand out. Sure, the push notifications, pedometers, and various other handy features will also make your day.

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Sleek and customizable, with the option of replacing the wrist straps with ease, the Yamay offering promises hassle-free connectivity, plenty of sport-tracking features, as well as fitness tracking and heart monitoring. All for less than $50.

YAMAY 020 was designed with active people in mind, but it will help you do much more than simply track your daily fitness activities. The generous and sensitive HD screen will allow you to enjoy various useful apps. Speaking of which, following a two-hour charge, the battery will handle up to 10 days of work.

The VeryFitPro app will constantly make sure that the smartwatch is kept up to date and synchronized with the latest features. IP68 waterproof technology is a plus, and so is the heart-rate monitor, sleep tracker, and more.

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Pretty affordable, just like the other smartwatches on this list, the LETSCOM ID205 brags about more than one tracking system, as well as four different dial displays, accurate fitness tracking, and the ability to face water and survive.

Let’s make one thing clear – asleep or awake, if you’re walking, this smartwatch will make a record of it. Looking really sleek, thanks to the numerous adjustments available for the dial, this device also features smart alerts, call rejection option, and will easily store up to 10 messages at a time. It’s user friendly and easy to set up so this device is definitely worth the money.

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What you see is what you get; but, what do you get? Well, for starters, you get to enjoy various wrist straps. On the other hand, the sleek UI and advanced features go well together with a more than decent battery life. If you’re always on the move, the ANBES 205L will gladly monitor your every gesture, 24/7. This seems like a good place to start, wouldn’t you agree?

Designed to last and be easy on the wrist, this device is also IPX68 waterproof and will charge up wirelessly. It will supposedly keep up with your day-to-day activities for up to 10 days at a charge. Sure, you get reminders and other notifications, but cool features such as music control, breathing guide, and heart rate monitoring put this device on our radar.

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By this point, it’s pretty obvious that making a decision for a $50 smartwatch is not as easy as you might have thought. And, we’re about to make it even more interesting: featuring a widescreen display, this smartwatch makes touch controls a real treat. Scratch and dust proof, this responsive device will easily fit into your life.

Burxoe’s offering features a 1.54-inch full touch panel, a magnetic charging method, and allows full control over the camera app and your favorite Spotify playlist. Easy to use and fully equipped to track your fitness progress, this smartwatch is here to stay.

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Letsfit ID205L


Customizable and showing off a generous touch screen display, this smartwatch shows off a sleek design as well as a cool blend between accuracy and functionality. The Letsfit ID205L was designed to help you make use of fitness and notification options, with the IP68 waterproof design there to support such health-oriented actions.

Feel free to track your heart rate, as well as control music and check out texts, calls, and other important notifications. Comfy and easy to set up, this seems like a perfect birthday present to yourself.

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If you’re on a budget and looking forward to an excellent smartwatch, this device seems like a good idea. It’s easy to set up and comes to you with a free metallic strap and the promise of long battery life.

The UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S sounds dreamy and it looks the same, thanks to a 1.3-inch IPS color display; seven different sports modes are available, easily controlled through the “Da Fit” app.

The Uwatch 2S also shows off customized activity and health management features, two different straps – silicone and magnetic, and vivid UI. Make no mistake, the 1080mAH battery will handle its business for up to 10 days.

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Compatible with android phones, this cool-looking smartwatch comes bearing the gift of fitness tracking, meaning you get to check your blood pressure, heart rate, and even count how many calories you burn.

Aside from the ability to manage your personal health, this waterproof device will also hold its own for as much as 15 days – let’s just say 10 days and feel good about that – as you read notifications and check out the weather.

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This smartwatch features a responsive 1.7-inch display, backed up by a decent battery to make sure its 24/7 heart rate tracking and accurate fitness tracker abilities will be enjoyed for days on end.

Compatible with iOS 8.0 and up and Android 4.4 above smartphones, the Willful smartwatch also teases users with GPS functionality. With IP68 waterproof capabilities and 14 activity modes to brag about, this device will remain on standby for as long as 30 days. Durable, easy to set up, as well as user-friendly, this watch will look equally suited for casual, office, or elegant events.

What else could be said about this product? Well, we should also mention the automatic brightness adjustment, making this a discreet yet sophisticated companion.

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Arbily’s cool smartwatch has plenty to brag about. Cutting-edge functions include a flashlight, an accurate activity tracker, 14 exercise modes, and IP68 Waterproof abilities. Easy to set up and looking the part, thanks to four stylish high-sensitive color screen interfaces, this device promises more than 10 days of fun.

Designed to be comfortable and customizable according to your needs, Arbiliy’s offering also syncs up with Whatsapp and Text messages, allowing your important notifications to make their way through. I’m thinking that’s more than OK.

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Equipped with a 1.22-inch touchscreen, this user-friendly smartwatch encourages you to put its all-day activity tracking and 10 workout modes to good use – meaning, allowing it to aid you in your effort to achieve your fitness goals.

Track your progress, adjust your lifestyle, enjoy your life – whatever it is, this device will be part of it and improve upon your day. Speaking of which, the built-in latest optical sensors, real-time notifications, and IP68 rating will make sure everything is functioning properly.

Anytec does not disappoint from an aesthetic point of view, either. Showing off a high-quality built and promising to be comfortable, this thing hasn’t got any flaws – none that we can think of. Some people have been complaining about the fact that the wake-up alarm lasts for 3-5 seconds and includes a light vibration, but I’ll take that as a PRO factor, thank you.

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Both lightweight and durable, Kungix is a simple choice. This device’s touchscreen features and mechanical buttons allow for intuitive usage complemented by powerful features. The 1.3-inch high-definition screen is protected by a 2.5D high-hardness glass cover, and once you consider the 5ATM waterproof capabilities, you’ll realize this thins is almost indestructible – don’t go testing out that theory, please.

This device was designed to accurately monitor heart rate and sleep – at least in theory. Sure, there are 14 sports modes available and you are also encouraged to control your music player via the watch, but this smartwatch has some issues.

It seems that some users have been reporting that the sleep monitor does not work properly, as it has managed to record sleeping patterns while the user was wide awake. That is not cool, and equally unimpressive is the reported 2-day battery life. Here’s hoping that some improvements will be made by the manufacturer, and soon.

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The smartwatch you see here looks sleek, clear, and easy to use. Promising smooth performance, vivid information display, and a user-friendly interface, this device will automatically track your daily activity, thanks to 9 sport modes.

An adjustable band will make sure the 1.3-inch screen sits comfortably on your wrist and allows notifications and messages to get through. Make no mistake, the battery will handle it and the device will handle rain with ease. Functional and fashionable, offering the comfort of not having to reach for your phone, this watch will last about 10 hours at a time.

Easy to set up, this device’s screen will go dark when after a few seconds of paused usage and will ‘return” when the user moves their arm. All your usual and favorite apps will be right there, on your wrist, although it has to be mentioned that GPS connectivity and other features may require your phone to be nearby.

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Last but not least, this Kalakate smartwatch was designed to give you everything you need, wrapped up in a user-friendly package. Featuring a 1.54-inch touchscreen, a 210 mAh battery – 13+ days of fun and 30 days of standby time – and an IP68 water resistance feature, it seems you just can’t go wrong with this device.

If you are looking to stay fit, this smartwatch will have your back – or any other muscles, covered. With seven interchangeable clock desktops and eight exercise modes, you will have nothing to complain about. It vibrates when notifications come in, the app takes over most of the work, and the time adjusts automatically. Oh, did we happen to mention that the screen will turn on with a lift of the wrist?

Make no mistake, screen sensitivity levels can be adjusted according to your preference. But there are some issues worth mentioning, as well. Some users have been talking about possible connection problems, specifically the device’s refusal to pair with the phone. Another reason that might keep you from buying this smartwatch might be the fact that dropping it once is enough to damage it.

Still, with so many features on board, one might think you’d be careful with it. Sure, it’s not that expensive, but that’s another reason it’s worth the attention.

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Which of these budget smartwatches would you like to get?