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  • See an Overview of All Your Apps

    Within the news feed, you can track all changes on all of your apps and projects. You can react to these changes from BusyFlow interface (e.g. discuss a GitHub commit, or accept a finished Pivotal Tracker task).

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  • Work Together on a Private Project's Wall

    Each workspace, called a hive, has its own discussion wall where you can post your thoughts or just share a link. From the wall you can also post items directly to other apps. For example, create a Google Calendar event in just one line.

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  • Removing Boundaries Between Cloud Apps

    BusyFlow makes apps interact in meaningful ways. For example, you can attach a Dropbox file to your task tracker, so that the tracker always has the newest version. You can also convert a discussion about any item into a task on your task tracker.

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Apps we integrate

  • Dropbox

    On BusyFlow you can see the latest changes that have been made in your Dropbox. You can also discuss files, attach them to wall posts or Pivotal Tracker stories – all within one interface.

  • Google Calendar

    Upcoming Google Calendar events can be visible on your private event feed or within a hive. You can also discuss these events, make Pivotal Tracker stories or create tasks with Google Tasks from that discussion.

  • Google Docs

    All Google Docs changes are visible on a private event feed as well as on hive’s sidebar. You also will be able to discuss all docs on BusyFlow wall and create Pivotal Tracker story from that discussion.

  • GitHub

    All GitHub commits and comments are visible right on your news feed which allows you to comment on them as well. All comments are synchronized with GitHub which means that any comments you make on GitHub or from BusyFlow appear on both applications.

  • Pivotal Tracker

    All stories, milestones and bugs from Pivotal Tracker are visible within the BusyFlow interface below the Tracker tab and wall. As a result, users can view all changes immediately quickly and in real-time. We also provide the ability to comment, start, finish, accept or decline any story on Tracker.
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  • Trello

    On BusyFlow you will be able to see Trello changes (added or archived cards, comments and edits) in news feed. Comment posted on Trello cards in BusyFlow will synced back to Trello. On right side you will see what cards you're working on. You can move, reorder or archive them.
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  • Google Tasks

    Your Google Tasks are only visible to you. You can create, finish, change the priority (drag & drop) of your tasks within the same interface. If you see a comment on your wall that you would like to turn into a task, you can do that too!

  • Basecamp

    Both, new Basecamp and the old version of Basecamp are added into BusyFlow. All Basecamp disscussion will apear on your discussion wall and all task/to-dos will be shown on the right side, so you will never miss what is important to do today.
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