BusyFlow features

BusyFlow keeps all your cloud apps, team members and projects in one place.

  • BusyFlow wall screenshot

    Discuss on Private Wall

    You and your team can discuss all the important topics, share links or comment files on a private team’s wall.
  • BusyFlow's news feed

    See an Overview of All Your Apps

    Within the news feed, you can track all changes on all of your apps and projects. You can react to these changes from BusyFlow interface (e.g. discuss a GitHub commit, or accept a finished Pivotal Tracker task).
  • Dropbox and Google Drive

    Share and discuss Dropbox and Google Drive files with team

    You can attach Dropbox files to any wall post even if it’s a Tracker story, Basecamp discussion or a Trello card. Also if you comment something on Google Drive - the comment will appear in BusyFlow! It works the other way around too, so if you see a Google Drive item on BusyFlow wall and comment on it - the comment will get posted to the Drive.
  • Create stuff directly from BusyFlow

    Create stuff directly from BusyFlow

    You can not just see the changes, but also act on them or even create new cloud objects (like Basecamp discussions or tasks, Pivotal Tracker stories, Google Calendar events, Trello cards etc.)
  • Email notificaitons

    Email notifications

    Our daily email notification will show you the overview of what has happened in BusyFlow during the last working day. This is a great way to stay in touch with your team and changes in your cloud apps even without going to BusyFow.
  • Pivotal tracker integration

    Agile project management using Pivotal Tracker or Trello

    For agile teams we provide Trello and Tracker integrations. So, you can discuss, finish, deliver Tracker stories or create, comment, archive Trello cards directly from BusyFlow.
  • GitHub integration

    Track and discuss code changes on GitHub

    GitHub integration allows coders to see changes in BusyFlow news feed and discuss them on a private hive’s wall.
  • Mobile iPhone and Android version

    Available on Web and Mobile

    Use BusyFlow in your browser or on the go with both iOS and Android mobile apps available. Download BusyFlow mobile app now.

BusyFlow is a workspace that creates the easiest way for you and your team to collaborate and manage cloud apps.